Today, 16.7.2021, "Q" Aldeon litter ❤ was born and the composition of the litter is following: 6 black and tan males, 2 blond males and 1 blond female. The puppies are healthy, eating well and the weights ranged from 510g to 560g. Some of the male puppies are still available, so do not hesitate to contact us here

Mother: NAIA Aldeon
Father: ANISEED Wonder Sambuca
Working Dog

ultrasound ultrasound


From 23rd June to 27th June a dog training camp organized by the Slovak Hovawart Club took place on Duchonkaland. The dogs were training their obedience, defense, socialization and during the weekend there was a Hovawart Club Dog Show. Dogs from our breeding kennel were quite successful on the Dog Show and the results are following:
PEGGY Aldeon - junior class - excellent 3
POLLY Aldeon - junior class - excellent 4
MEFISTO Aldeon - open class - excellent 2, r.CAC
ORINOCO Aldeon - open class - excellent 4
LUNA Aldeon - champion class - excellent 1, CAC
OLIVIA Aldeon - champion class - excellent
LEROY Aldeon - champion class - excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, Wait. for the IHF Champ., BOS
DEENA Aldeon - veteran class - excellent 1
Aldeon kennel - the best breeding group on the Club Show of SHK 2021

Judge : Ing. Luděk Novák (CZ)

Many thanks to the owners who represented us there and congratulations!



12.6.2021 - The ultrasound examination from the day before yesterday confirmed that approximately on 17th July 2021 we can look forward to "Q" Aldeon litter ❤ The puppies are expected to be with lovely characters and the finest exterior!

Mother: NAIA Aldeon
Father: ANISEED Wonder Sambuca
Working Dog

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NAIA Aldeon celebrated her 3rd birthday in quite an unusual way since on this exact day a successful mating took place with a handsome male ANISEED Wonder Sambuca. Even the weather was pleasant with the rays of sunshine peeking at us. We wish all the best to NAIA and that in 2 months she could become a mother of Q Aldeon litter 🥰. Working Dog Moreover, we would like to congratulate the rest of the N litter on birthday and hope that the owners spent 3 lovely years with their fluffy companions from our breeding kennel 😊.

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We are planning a litter with the youngest member of our pack - Naia Aldeon. She is going to be a mother for the first time, so we are quite excited. Due to the corona virus epidemics, we decided not to go far from our borders - to the Czech Republic. Other alternatives are stud dogs in Slovakia, however, the potential father of the “Q” litter Aldeon is ANISEED Wonder Sambuca in the Czech Republic Working Dog

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Another “May” puppies were born! Litter “O” Aldeon was born on 13.5.2019 in the following composition - 4 females (all black and tan) and 4 males (3 black and tan, 1 blond). The birth weights ranged from 500g to 600g, all of the puppies are healthy and Charlotte is a caring mother

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WE ARE EXPECTING PUPPIES! The approximate date of birth of the litter “O” Aldeon is 12th May 2019. Mother: CHARLOTTE Aldeon Father: Pilisi-Hajnal ALFA